Detailed Course Outline
1st lesson

Routine checks: seat, mirrors, seat belt, blind spot area
Correct and safety procedure when starting and stopping the engine
Stop-accelerate co-ordination practice
Changing lanes
Familiarise with road rules
Familiarising with various signboards on roads and the way to reacting to them

2nd lesson

Making U-turns
Recalling various signs on minor and major roads
Parking in carparks
Angle/90 deg Parking (head-in)



3rd lesson

Reverse Parallel Parking
Theoretical aspects in turning, changing direction
Negotiating bends, sharp bends, gradual bends
Driving on small roads and expressways

4th lesson

Driving on slopes (upslope and downslope)
Points to note when going upslope/downslope
Moving off from slopes
Familiarising with night traffic
3-point turn

5th lesson

Driving on Slopes (Upslope and downslope)
Points to note when going upslope/downslope
How to move off from slopes
Familiarising with night traffic
Reacting to wet weather conditions
Familiarising with roads

6th lesson

Familiarising with rainy day traffic
What to look out for and how to react to situations that arise
Driving around areas which student often travels to, or where student lives in
To familiarize with the road structures


Individual preference
Please note that the lesson schedules are subjected to change, according to road and weather conditions. The lesson contents can be changed upon students’ request, to ensure that the contents taught will suit our students’ driving needs.
5 low speed manoeuvres - move off up a hill, angle park/ 90 deg park, U-turn, 3-point turn and reverse parallel park
Drive to review

Vort & Overseas

The VORT (Vehicle on Road Test) will test your skills and knowledge as a safe and competent driver. Your VORT test will take approximately 45 minutes and you will be required to demonstrate 5 low speed manoeuvres, (move off up a hill, angle park, U-turn, 3-point turn and reverse parallel park) as well as general drive. The general drive component of your VORT will test your driving skills e.g. changing lanes, turning on and from busy roads, turning at traffic lights, negotiating roundabouts, stop and give-way signs, your interaction with other road users and the system of car control.
To pass a VORT you must demonstrate 5 slow speed manoeuvres and in combination with the general drive score a pass mark of 90% or more and not breach any road laws during the test. Any breach of road laws will result in an immediate fail and the VORT will be terminated.
If you are unsuccessful with your VORT I will provide feedback on your result. A copy of the test marking sheet will be given to you detailing your performance.